"Attorneys and Legal Advisers providing wide range of efficient, advanced and cost-effective
legal services together with large experience and maximum reliability"

In a world with rapidly growing communication and knowledge exceeding regional geographic boundaries, legal services are becoming more and more challenging. Our Law Firm developed its abilities to meet the challenges in delivering proper legal services to its wide ranged clients. We provide a full range of legal services nationwide and in the Gulf Region to businesses of all sizes, institutions, municipalities, government agencies and individuals. Practice Areas encompass all forms of litigation, intellectual property, corporate and business law, labor and employment relations, aviation and maritime law, bankruptcy and creditors’ rights, employee benefits, environmental law, construction law and real estate, etc.

Our Law Firm deals with such challenges through its integrated team of lawyers who are keen to provide the best expected legal services and serve our clients' needs. While achieving that, our Law Firm commits itself to both quality and justice and respects its commitments to the surrounding people, communities and resources.

Further, and unlike several firms, our Law Firm has an innovative approach in advising its clients, and that forms a part of our culture. The wide range of legal expertise we have, creates an atmosphere of innovation among our legal consultants and lawyers and we consider that as strength in attracting clients.

Finally, our Law Firm is keen to provide the best legal services to our clients and to maintain the good quality of work within a highly competitive and high speed business environment.


Georges Abi Nader


Walid Abi Nader