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Founded in Beirut, Dora area in 1974, which became Abi Nader Law Firm in 2000, is one of the Middle-East’s leading regional firms. For more than 40 years our Law Office/Firm has been providing comprehensive legal and business services and aggressive representation without sacrificing integrity and professionalism to its clients in Lebanon, the Golf and MENA Region, in all fields of law.

Abi Nader Law Firm secures your interests. With our focus on «full-service» legal practice and clients needs, we are committed to excellence in advice and to offering our Clients global legal and business services for each of their specific needs.

Over time, the firm witnessed with success the migration of standard legal practices in Lebanon into globalization in high standard legal practices level for the Golf region and the MENA region as well. Abi Nader Law Firm remains committed within high professionalism to securing your interests ahead of the times, allowing our clients to stay on top of their business.

We are dedicated to provide services ranging from day-to-day close management and operation advice to local and international market representation throughout Lebanon, the Middle East and the Gulf region.

Our Team

Our diverse team of dedicated, qualified and dynamic lawyers, aim to excellence in various fields of specialization. As a result, we are able to provide you with extremely high quality representation for all of your legal needs, such as but not limited to:

Arbitration, Bankruptcy and Foreclosure, Consulting, Corporate, Commercial Law, Construction (FIDIC and EPC Contracts), Intellectual Property (Trademarks, Copyrights), Labor and Employment, Licensing and Business Legal Services (Offshore Company Formation in Lebanon, Malta, Cyprus and the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Litigation, Medical Malpractice, Patent Registrations and Renewals, Real Estate Transactions, Contract Drafting, Negotiation and Management, Franchising, Regional Dispute Resolution, etc.

Abi Nader Law Firm's lawyers are members of the Beirut Bar Association, with more than 40 years of local and international experience. We have developed a network of associates who work hard to achieve clients’ goals and continuously conduct market research and feasibility studies to advise our clients to their best interests and to their satisfaction.

Our associates offices are located in: Arab Emirates, Cyprus (Serving EU), Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Syria.



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