There is an infinite variety of ways to do business, and an infinite number of things you can do with your business. While you take care of the commercial aspects of your business,
Abi Nader Law Firm takes care of your legal needs and secures your interests.

Our clients' activities are most diverse and include industrial goods, construction transportation, clinical trials,
import and export of registered drugs, insurance financial companies, to name but a few.

Whether your company is based in the Lebanon and expanding out towards the Middle East and the Golf Region, or based outside and setting up in Lebanon, we can help you tailor your structure to your needs to achieve the best results.

The areas of practice in this group include:

- Contracts
- Agency and Distributorship
- Antitrust and Trade Regulation
- Associations and Societies
- Business law
- Commercial law
- Company law
- Corporate
- Franchising
- International Trade
- Labor and Employment
- Mergers and Acquisitions
- Non-Profit and Charitable Organizations
- Offshore
- Partnerships